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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Come check out our video list of helpful videos. We are adding new videos to our playlists constantly in order to better help serve you. Click the picture below and go to our play lists to find different topics.

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Find a collection of videos we have saved for you:

  • Stretching

  • Health and wellness

  • Essential Oils and remedies

Here are examples of the resources we are gathering up...


Acupressure is an ancient healing art that's based on the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture. With acupressure, you put pressure on specific places on your body. These places are called acupoints. Pressing these points can help release muscle tension and promote blood circulation.


A collection of basic tai chi-style movements, massages, and energetic practices that improves the circulation and balance of the body’s vitality or “life force energy”. Instead of a continuous progression from one position to the next, as occurs in the tai chi “form”, qigong movements are simple and discrete, often pared down to a repeating pattern or a stationary meditative pose. When practiced regularly with conscious breathing and mindful awareness, qigong stimulates the body’s inherent healing energy and fosters its healthful flow throughout the body. In addition to health maintenance, qigong is especially valued for its regenerative qualities supporting individuals with minor or serious illnesses, injuries, energy blocks whether deficiencies or excesses and emotional/spiritual disbalances. The basic individual movements are relatively easy to learn and to practice, providing the additional value of discernible benefits with a modest investment of time.

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