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Intake Form  
Please complete and submit the intake form prior to your scheduled appointment. If your contact information changes or your information has changed, please update your healthcare information or inform the massage therapist prior to the massage.

Arrival Policy  
Please be 10-15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment. This allows you the time to fill out client forms and discuss your needs with your therapist and start your session on time. Appointment time slot includes getting undressed, receiving massage, and getting dressed. To reduce time in the office filling out paperwork schedule your massage online and fill out the proper paperwork forms.

Late Arrival Policy  
If you are late your time will be shorted to comply with our schedule. We will not be able to extend your session and the original price will be charged. If for any reason your therapist is late your price will be adjusted accordingly.

Cancellation Policy  
Please provide a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Failing to do so within the 24 hour time will result in having to pay 50% of the price for the cancelled appointment, and having to prepay in all future massage appointments. We understand that there are emergencies so please let us know and we will adjust the price accordingly.

No Show Policy  
Clients who do not show up for a scheduled appointment will result in having to prepay for all future massage sessions, be charged full price for the missed appointment and/or could be dismissed as a client.

Professional Boundaries Policy  
Hands on Massage Therapy is strictly for therapeutic massage, any sexual advances during the massage will end your session, the original price will be charged and you will be terminated as a client.


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