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What To Expect...

For many of you having a massage for the first time, or new to medical massage, it is nice to know what to expect. Because we specialize in all aspects of massage that many have little to no exposure to, here is what you should expect during one of your visits with us.


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Before your first appointment, you will need to fill out the health history and client forms. You can do this before your first appointment. Generally, on these forms, they ask about medical conditions, medications you are taking, areas of concern, and your contact information.  Just remember, massage affects the body systems and can have an effect on the medications you are taking, so it is important to be honest. All clients’ rights of privacy are respected.

Questions regarding lifestyle, workplace, and personal habits may be included so our therapist can gain a better understanding of the source of pain as well as to better prepare treatment plans regarding your care.

Because our location is shared within a medical office,  please inform the front desk of your arrival and take a seat in the waiting room, your therapist will be out shortly to get started. The front office may be closed therefore the front door will be locked. In that event, text us upon your arrival.

If your appointment is after office business hours, you will need to text us upon your arrival so our therapist can come let you in.  (208-534-1975)

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