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Assisted Stretching

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

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5 Benefits of Assisted Stretching

1. Reduce Muscle Tightness

Many of us struggle to relax, unwind and let our muscles unknot.

If you find that long days on the job or just everyday activities leave you tied up in knots, then an assisted stretching routine could be just what you need.

Your trained partner at Stretch 22 Seattle, or Stretchologist, will work with you to painlessly work out those kinks. Just a couple of sessions a month is enough to help you reduce muscle tightness, and…

2. Decrease Stress

When your muscles are relaxed, it’s easier for you to relax.

Along with stretching, you’ll learn how to breathe deeply. This will also contribute to a decrease in your stress levels, and an increase in your general wellbeing.

3. Become More Flexible

Whether you’re looking to increase your flexibility to increase your physical performance or just enjoy a more comfortable life, assisted stretching is the way forward.

Our body sends out signals telling us when we’re reaching the limits of our mobility. Assisted stretching, which uses a technique called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), helps to reprogram these signals.

The result is that you’re able to safely extend your muscles further before your body yells, ‘Stop!’

4. Increase Athletic Performance

Every athlete is looking for techniques that can give him or her the edge.

Recovery times and injury avoidance are high on the list of concerns for most athletes, whether professional or amateur. Enter assisted stretching.

If you’re cramping or otherwise in pain it can be almost impossible to get the stretch you need. Partner stretching is crucial and working with a professional trained in proper stretching allows you to target the correct muscle groups.

Assisted stretching can reduce soreness after exercising, reduce recovery times, and protect you from developing injuries.

5. Improved Range of Motion

You may have noticed that as time goes by, your range of motion in your joints – how far you can comfortably extend them- has become reduced.

If you’ve had surgery or an injury, you may be looking to regain the range of motion you formerly had in the affected joint. While everybody’s different, assisted stretching can often help you gain a greater range of motion.

The Takeaway: Why Assisted Stretching is the Way Forward

Stretching is certainly great for the body, but assisted stretching? That just takes the benefits to a whole other level.

Depending on how frequently you engage in assisted stretching, you can look forward to lower stress levels, improved flexibility and even an edge in athletics!

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