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All about neck pain

The neck can perform six varied ranges of motions including:

  • Neck Extension or the movement towards the back

  • Neck Flexion or the movement towards the chest

  • Left Lateral Flexion or movement of the head toward the left shoulder

  • Right Lateral Extension or the movement of the head towards the right shoulder

  • Left rotation involving movement of the chin towards the left shoulder

  • Right rotation involving movement of the chin towards the right shoulder


These ranges of motion of the neck are the basis for most neck stretches. Neck stretches aim to increase the strength, tone, and flexibility of the neck muscles. It also allows the ligaments on the neck joints to become more flexible and withstand increased stress to the area. Neck stretches not only affect daily activities because it does not require sophisticated equipment. It can be done while working and also in the home and only takes 5 to 15 minutes to perform these beneficial stretches. 

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